Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Radical Think is Important

How are you today?
Do you have been make unique product? In here, I will refer to you why we must make unique product. Make unique product is part of radical think and than aplicate in radical work. Why radical think is inportant to grow up our business?

All of people who run business, of course, want their business give more profit. Customer feel glad to consumt their product. Only people who has radical think can result unique product. And right now, why do you have not courage to radical think? Starting now…!

I will explaind why radical think is important. More businessman get success because they courage to become radical thinkers. And so, why they do it?

1. Success from differently. It’s mean you must have different frame think to find positioning your business.
2. Starting with little point. To make a global radical change, start with little point. Maybe you start from yourself. Finally, all people will look you that you have a great plan for your business.
3. To be a radical businessman. And so, people will apreciate you as people who always full imaginations to change. Become a radical thinker will give you more benefit to grow up your business.

Finally, don’t be afraid with radical change. Because radical change is start to grow your business. Get some benefit with radical think. Radical is important.

Success and be radical…

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How to Make Unique Product?

Now, we should discuss about our product. On offline business or online business, we must attentions our product. It's means, how we can make product to come on market? Because, our business can't operate if our product can't come on the market. And so, how we make good product and consumer needed?

You must make unique product! For example, in food product, generally we must standart food. Maybe, we can make unique food. From colouring, compositions, and packaging, we create make a nice food. Consumer will interest that product although have same taste.

There is some idea that can you contemplated about how to make unique product. You must courage to make radically change on your business.

1. Observed your market.
2. Find new something about your market.
3. See your competitor product.
4. Make special product.
5. Launching your product in exactly time.

That is some idea what basic your step to make unique product. Be businessman must courage to radiccaly change. And, how explained that five item? I will explain for you on next article.

Success for you...!
Don't be afraid to make radiccaly change.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Touch Your Market

In this article, I will show you about strategy to choose market for your product. There is some item what your attentions about market conditions. After you know about knowledge your product, yous must take surveys market. Some factor that you surveys on the market.

1. Market location. That refer need people to your product. People on the city or on
the village have different need.
2. Segment your product. You must expert to choose people who has buy your product.
Exactly, your product for men, woman, children, or old people. You must make map of
3. Characterization of market. It's necessary! Cause if you know character of market,
you will easy to construct strategy to come in that market.

Ok! That ini my short article about surveys of market. And I will continuous next week. I suggestion for you who has live in Indonesia, you can visit my other blog: http://www.asiangoblog.blogspot.com. More information about business in there.

See you the next week..guys..! Success for you..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Do You Know Knowledge Your Product?

For success on marketing, you must know how your product? Benefit from your product if people buy it. And you must know detail about your product. So consumer will attention if you know much about your product.

Remember...in online and offline marketing, knowledge about product as main key of success on marketing. Wait on the next article, about knowledge of product...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Get First Payment on Internet

Do you want to operate internet marketing? Do you have business with internet base? If you answer 'yes' this blog maybe give you some benefit. Cause, in my article, I will explain about internet marketing.
I will focus on internet marketing. Some people can not create product them self. And so, they must sell foreign product. Now, on the next article, I will give you some tips to sell that product. There are two point, what you must understand it.

1. Knowledge about product
2. Market surveys

How the two point implicated? And How to get first payment from your business? Wait on the next article. Thank's a lot.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sharing about Online Marketing

In this part, I want to share with anyone about online marketing. All of you, who has opinion about online marketing or online business, please comment in may blog. Or you can send comment from email: cucuk_cuk@yahoo.com.

I always wait your opinion and that opinion will display in this blog.

I wait your opinions..!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Get Starting with Online Marketing

The worlds of marketing grow up too fast since twelve years ago. And now, peoples can run their business with simple and easy. Marketing –something necessary on business—can run with technology. Manual systems have been expired. Peoples choose online system to run their business. What’s and how online marketing?

Global market make peoples in the world change their think about strategy. Online system with internet, make online marketing grow up very fast. Wherever person live in the world, can make business communication with every person on the world.
For example, if we live in US, we can buy or sell our product on Asia, Europe, and the other country. And so, we can’t need more time to do it. Internets have been substituting that duty. The other easily, with internet we can run our business from home. That is nice…!
And than, how we start online marketing? Can we applications right now? OK! That right…we can start online marketing right now, whatever our product. And so, our local product can know all of peoples in the world. Internet networks bring our product to any part in the world.
The other benefit from online marketing is we can sell all of product. Properties, e-books, cars, house and all conventional product can sell or buy with online. We know that online marketing system give us some benefit. In the third millenium, most activity such as education, business, healthy, and the other life activity use online system.
Right now, what we prepare if we want to start online marketing. This article will explain simple ways to build online marketing. Some point that we attention if we start it.

1. What do you sell? These questions refer specification your product. But on online marketing system, all of specification product can we bring. It’s mean we can bid or offer anything. I suggest to you, only sell familiarly product. Because we can make easily add about that product. In fact, knowledge of product is necessary to catch our goal.

2. Make online shop. In conventional system, online shop is like shop, office, or counter to put our product. But in online shop, we can make sites or blog. Of course, if we build sites, need more capital to buy domain. For beginner, use blog from blogger, wordpress, or multiply. Only need ten minutes, we can make / build online shop. That shop as our portal to bring product to another peoples in the world. Make good shop with good performance, content, and other style. So, most peoples interest to visit our shop. It’s like conventional shop, people only visit to unique shop. In fact, make unique blog!

3. Promote your shop. This step need over times. We must promote our shop to all people. Internet networking give us any ways to promote strategy. Look for on Goggle, Yahoo, or MSN some article about promote site strategy. For example, search engines Goggle invites us to follow add system. Goggle has some program to make our sites famous in the world and have high rank.

OK! Only understand three point, we can start online marketing. Don’t be afraid to trial and error to build online shop. With this shop, we can run online marketing. Be success with online marketer. ***

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